Case Analysis : The Franklin Equipment Case Essay

772 Words Nov 30th, 2015 4 Pages
The Franklin Equipment case poses a big challenge to the project manager due to the different personalities involve in the project; however, we proper risk management and communication skills among team members could make the difference in the project.
Choosing the appropriate manager for the project is significant, due to the fact that every project is different; therefore, the organization must choose an individual who is familiar with the area of operations and necessary skills to successfully accomplish the project. On this particular project, the individual selected to be the project manager must be familiar with the environment, logistics, possible risks and individuals working on the project. After the organization identifies the individual with the necessary skills to take over the project, the organization must officially nominate the individual in order to maximize their potential , this specific project have other individuals involve in order to successfully accomplish the project. This project has a cost accountant, design engineer and by these individuals working closely with the operation manager could successfully mitigate risks of the project and successfully accomplish the project on time, saving the company resources and money. Even if the individual has all the necessary skills to lead the project, the organization must also take into consideration the availability of the choose individual. The organization should prioritize their projects and assign…

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