Case Study On Ford Pinto

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Ford during the era of Arjay Miller was a good one for the company. He took his life experiences to drive some ever needed changes to automotive industry. Miller was hit by a driver in his company car, which caused the car to catch fire. This traumatic event was something that he didn’t want to happen to another person, while using any car. The company with his help was driven to produce a safer car. Miller confronted the senate lobbying for strong auto safety legislation. To add fuel to the fire because of this ford was creating a safer fabric gas tank, which was safer than the one installed on the Pinto years later. Ford was thinking about the safety of its customers at one time, but that time changed once Miller left. Once Lacocca took the seat all the safety concerns went out the window and the …show more content…
The every so at atrocious Ford Pinto graced the united states in 1971 as a subcompact contender to the Volkswagen Beetle. When you’re behind the curve a lots of companies that it’s better to cut corners to regain their market position. Ford did this by creating the Pinto is what is one of the shortest production planning period in history. Moving from an industry standard of 43 months down to under 25 months. Ford pushed a car off the assembly line for multiple years with known issues that could have be fixed. The development of the car and the tooling of the assembly line was done at the same time. This is an absolutely crazy thing to do because when flaws are found the factory is already set up to build the car the flawed way. Ford tested eleven Pintos in a crash, and 8 of them caught fire. These tests were done before the first production model Pinto even rolled off of the line. The problem with the pinto’s exploding gas tank was found afterwards the tooling was done, which means it would have costed more money to change it to the right

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