Essay Case Analysis : Marshawn Lynch

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Marshawn Lynch is 5 foot 11 inches and weighs 225 pounds, he is a american football player playing for the NFL team the Seattle Seahawks, and has gotten the nickname “Beast mode”. Among football fans this man is the best in the world at his position. Marshawn grew up in Oakland California with three siblings, his mother held the school record for the 400 meter dash at Oakland Technical high school which Marshawn later attended himself.

Marshawn lynch is the best running back in last years league and almost won a super bowl cup because of it. He was drafted in 2007 to Buffalo in the 12th round and played with them for six years and made 18 million dollars with them. after that he got drafted again by the Seattle seahawks and rejoined with his old college roommate. Even though Lynch plays his position perfectly that doesn 't mean he doesn 't have any flaws, he was arrested for a DUI when he left a bar in buffalo and drove drunk striking a woman with his car the proceed to run from the scene of the crime. also Marshawn lynch was fined $50,000 dollars for not talking to the press at during the 2013 NFL season. I like Marshawn lynch because he is just a guy that is very good at football. He is down to earth with all of the media and he isn 't afraid to speak his opinion to others. A few things that make him great are that he is the best running back in the game right now. Marshawn love to stick to a routine and gets upset when that routine is not followed, he even goes to the…

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