Essay on Case Analysis : Foster Parent

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Foster parent, April Smith, stated that she requested this Review because she feels that she is being unjustly punished by the request to have Savannah replaced from her home. Ms. Smith said it is her preference for Savannah to remain in her care.

Ms. Smith conveyed that she recalled her initial encounter with CPS worker, Ivy Diodonet, and she does to remember informing her about using or not using any illegal drug. Ms. Smith acknowledged that she was initially being told by various acquaintances that she does not have to speak with OSI and if need be, they can court order her. Ms. Smith conveyed that she was asked to submit to a drug test and she accepted the request.

Ms. Smith said she remembered speaking with Ms. Roberts over the phone and she was unable to hold a lengthy conversation with her because she was at work. Ms. Smith expressed that she admitted to using marijuana when speaking with Ms. Roberts. Ms. Smith conveyed that it was an isolated incident and a mistake to use marijuana. Ms. Smith recalled that the incident occurred towards the end of August of 2015. Ms. Smith expressed that she was “hanging out” with friends and marijuana was available. Ms. Smith voiced that she was stressed and her friends gave her a suggestion. Ms. Smith acknowledged that it was a “moment of weakness” for her and she used the illicit drug. Ms. Smith conveyed that she is willing to do what is requested of her to address the situation.

Ms. Smith stated that the incident occurred…

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