Essay on Case Analysis : Decision Making Model

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Case Study #3 (10 marks)
A paralyzed comatose client who was the victim of a hit-and-run driver is maintained on a respirator and TPN. The neurologists agree that the client will never live a “normal life.” Prolonged management/support/care will exhaust the family’s financial and emotional resources. The family consists of a husband, who is an engineer, and two high school-aged children who are exceptionally bright and who plan to enter university after high school. The family has asked the advice of the ethics committee as to whether treatment should be maintained or withdrawn.
1. As a member of the ethics committee, show how you came to your decision and recommendations using an ethical decision-making framework. (10 = 2 1/2) Examples of decision-making models can be found in your readings. Identify the decision-making model and describe and analyze your activities at each step.
(CNO, 2012, 2014a; Laurentian University, n.d). To figure out the author’s ethical approach to the case scenario, the author chose Oberle & Raffin model (CNA, 2008).
1) Understanding the ethics of the situation: Relationships goals, beliefs, and values.
This section is aimed to clarify own value in comparison to others and the code of ethics. I value the patient’s wish over anything else. Therefore, finding the patient’s will would be the first priority and, if the wish is non-existent, figuring out the most probable wish in the situation would be the next priority. However, the patient’s…

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