Essay on Case Analysis: Big Spaceship

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Victor Wang
Management & Organizations
Professor Taeya Howell
October 2, 2014

Big Spaceship is a digital marketing agency and its name is usually associated with numerous awards for its work with big brands such as Coca-Cola, Nike, HBO, and Miramax. However, the company’s size is relatively small compared to its achievements. Using a set of strategies and management skills, Big Spaceship established its uniqueness and superiority within its respective field. Its strategies include rising further than the assignments handed to them, look at the big picture, and a bidding process (Client “Filter”). Its management skills include finding and nurturing talent, creating a
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Another large factor is culture. The assumption is that the employees are all happy with their work because the working environment and this produces beneficial outcomes. The espoused values are to provide solutions (not a solution) to reach customers through digital media and the spirit of innovation (which differentiates the company from competitors). The artifacts include the hosting of Big Spaceship Olympics, video game Guitar Hero, and the fact that employees could bring their dogs to work.
With these said, however, the answer to the question is yes the company should expand/grow. The reason to that is because the company that has experienced so much success already in the few years since it started still hasn’t reached its greatest potential. True, it has a solid foundation and it’s very unique in dealing with whatever comes in the company’s way. It has established itself as one of the top group in the digital marketing industry. The strategies seem to ensure success. For the past few years, it doesn’t seem that the company suffered any setbacks with what Lebowitz and his trusted board had devised. However, in the long run, Big Spaceship’s many competitors would surpass it. With the field being so competitive, it doesn’t seem safe for the company to just stay where it is. Lebowitz seems to be satisfied with the current progress the company has made but he has expressed a clear desire to “start creating growth and

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