Carrie Coker Biography Essay

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The Life Of Carrie The start of Carrie Coker’s life was an exciting time for her family. In 2003, Carrie Coker was born on April 11. In Harrison County Hospital, on a cold day, Carrie was born. When she came home, she had to sleep in a car seat because she had trouble breathing. Carrie’s mother had to have a C-sectioned in order to bring her into this world, she was born two and a half months premature. She had to stay in Kosair Children’s Hospital for a whole month. Carrie Coker is the daughter of Misty Goldman and Jamie Coker. Her family includes, three sisters, three stepsisters, and one stepbrother. She owns three dogs who have a passion for barking. During Thanksgiving Carrie’s family cooks a …show more content…
As she moved to Crawford County from Lanesville. Her and her mom went on the St. Louis trip in 6th grade. They saw a baseball game going on while they were in the arch. Calming activities are very common for her. Hanging out with her cousin is what she enjoys the most. Carrie and her cousin love to take walks outside and talk about their lives. Since she enjoys drawing, she became an artist. She draws flowers, skulls, and animals. Carrie always listens to country, rap, and hip hop music with her friends. Her mom has had the biggest impact on her life. Her mom raised all of her kids by herself. Carrie’s mom, Misty, is a blessing for taking care of all seven children and raising them the right way. Her mom has always been there for her and her other children. The heavens sent down an angel which impacted seven beautiful lives. In the future, Carrie plans on setting high goals to reach. Graduating college in five years would be an exciting goal. She wants a good paying job and a car of her own. In ten years she plans on moving out of Crawford County. A place of her own with two children is one of her many

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