Career Technical Education ( Cte ) Essay

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Career Technical Education (CTE) is a high school curriculum aimed at equipping students with the training and job skills to go directly into industry and the workforce. In recent years, there has been a growing emphasis within CTE to pair job training with academic content that can improve both college and career-readiness. The movement seeks to bridge a long-standing divide between a curriculum that prepares students for college and one that often has tracked students into work-only prospects after graduation. It also seeks to give students the more advanced knowledge necessary to compete with today’s highly skilled workforce.
Resulting courses can serve not only to expand opportunities for CTE students, but to offer students of all academic abilities a more handson way to learn abstract concepts. This California State Plan for Career Technical Education, approved in March 2008 by both the State Board of Education and the Board of Governors of the California Community
Colleges, establishes the vision, goals, and essential elements of a world-class career technical education system for the State of California.

As in past years, the Perkins Act centers on the improvement of secondary and postsecondary courses and programs that are intended to build the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and experiences needed to enter and succeed in the world of work. More than in previous versions, the current Perkins Act moves the CTE system in some new directions, as specified in its…

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