Career Path Of Fashion Marketing Essay

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For the future, I consider myself taking a career path of fashion marketing and my current major is business. So I approached Alison I Wood on Linkedin, who is the founder of bagologie and her job is in charge of the marketing strategy and also business development. Therefore, I think she would have plenty of information I want to know for my future career and her abundant experience can benefit me a lot.

Her job mainly includes negotiating and obtaining exclusive partnership with different companies, attending tradeshows and fashion shows, aligning apparel group, developing business strategy as well as marketing campaigns and sponsorships, assessing markets and opportunities to determine the feasibility of strategic partnerships, managing portfolio of clients and assigned teams to ensure projects are aligned to overall objectives, and advising best financial & operational practices.
The most important skill is possessing the ability to develop business strategy and marketing campaigns and sponsorships.
Other skills such as creating presentation materials for partners such as reports or strategic plans, researching potential clients to aid in the ongoing development, serving as customer expert, and advocating in building new opportunities for clients are also required.

For her to reach the current position, it can start from her education. The education at the Parsons School of Design is what inspired most of her fashion senses and one of the most unforgettable…

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