Career Essay: A Career As A Dental Assistant

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Dental Assistant Dental Assistant, a professional who cleans teeth, fills teeth, gives x-rays on teeth, assist the dentist, and cleans dental tools, is a career I wish to pursue because I find teeth interesting, I would be financially stable, and I would enjoy my job. I have been interested in this career since I was a little girl. I went to the dentist to get my teeth cleaned; they were all very friendly and looked happy. I have noticed a lot of people don’t like their jobs, and they don’t get the pay they would like. I want to enjoy the career I have for the rest of my life, and if i were to get this job, I know that I would. One challenge that I may have to face getting a job in this field is to be nice to unkind people. Dental assistants must get along with everyone in the office. This includes co-workers and patients. Some things I would have to do on a daily basis are clean teeth, takes x-rays, keeps records of dental treatments, cleans dental instruments, work with patients on payments, and assist the dentist. Dental assistants work very closely with dentists and dental hygienists. The difference between a dental assistant and dental hygienist is, a dental assistant does more work in close relation with the dentist and does more work around the office. A dental hygienist doesn’t …show more content…
Before a dentist works on the patient's teeth, they will need to make the patient feel comfortable and as if they can be trusted. Most of the time, the dental assistant will ask the patient questions and try to get to know their patients better. Questions dentist and dental assistants may as are, “ How are you?”, “Do you play sports?”, “When is your birthday?”, or “What are you doing for the holidays?” Dental assistants are interested in knowing facts about their patients, and making sure their patients are comfortable while in their

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