Career Decisions : Career Choices Essay

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As we grow up into adulthood, we are presented with many career choices. From becoming doctors, mechanics, engineers, psychologists, or even chefs, these are a couple of the many choices that are offered to us. The only way we can be sure about what we want to do is to research our interest varying on the career choices we have chosen.
Researching our career interests help us narrow down the path we want to walk. We uncover details that we might have missed I our rush for information, or we can research in order to make sure that the career we want to pursue is the correct one for us. For example I want to become a Child Psychologist, a professionals that study the “learning patterns, behavioral developments, and environmental factors affecting children from infancy through adolescence” ( They can work as counselor, advisors, researchers ( and school psychologists (Occupational Outlook Handbook). Depending on the area of expertise I choose, I would have many different task, patients, and work environments. There are three expertise areas: Adolescent Psychology, Developing Child Psychology, and Abnormal Child Psychology ( While these three do fall under the Child Psychology umbrella, they work with different patients, therapy techniques and different themes they tackle with their patients. They have different work places, and environments. They can work in universities, government agencies, clinics, hospitals, rehabilitation…

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