Career Assessment Paper

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Michael Iemma
Professor Heeter
BUSN 101
04 June 2011
Career Assessment Paper In order for me to complete this career assessment paper, I initially took an Interest Inventory survey. Upon completing this process, it revealed that my personality profile score was (I, C, A). These three letters represented my strengths and interests in determining which career field would best suit me. The letter “I” represents the personality of investigating. This includes people who like to observe, learn, investigate, analyze or solve problems. Some of the careers that are associated with this include: Chemist, doctor, investigator, and engineer. The second letter, “C” from my profile score represents the personality trait of being
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Whether there be problems or advancements made with relation to the computer department, the computer operator must be able to document such items in a detailed way. Since computer systems in an organization run through a network, operators who possess skills in computer networking will be in high demand. Due to technological developments, some of the computer operation tasks may be overtaken by automated software. Therefore, operators who are skilled in computer networking, database maintenance and user support will be in extremely high demand by employers across a range of industries. A career as a computer operator can bring you good earning opportunities if you possess excellent technical skills and carry a few years of working experience. The starting annual salary earned by computer operators is around $19,000. However, the average annual earning is around $30,000. With increasing experience and skills, a computer operator's career can fetch you as much as $47,000 annually or more. Levels of training will vary depending on the specific roles you take up in a company. Many employers provide on-the-job training to workers. Computer operation field continues to evolve with the advent of latest technological developments. To boost your employability, you should complete a course in computer hardware or a relevant field. People with technical skills in computer hardware and networking with a couple of years

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