Career As A Physician 's Assistant Essay

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A career as a physician’s assistant is one of just a few careers that allow you to treat injuries or diagnose illnesses and even assist in surgeries alongside a certified doctor, all without an going through an insane amount of medical school, internships, tests and programs as a normal doctor would. Since physician’s assistants (or PA’s) work under the watchful eye of licensed intelligent physicians, they are required to have the same training but not nearly in as much length or detail. Physician assistant work may be demanding both physically and emotionally, therefore, stability is necessary. Varying in facilities, physician’s assistants are required to work full time, crazy hours or sometimes-on call. This job requires rigorous training as most all tasks on the job require you to follow a strict protocol as not to put patients or yourself at danger. Despite the few demanding requirements and as far as effort put in, this is a well-paid career to work towards while simultaneously being lifelong rewarding.
Physician Assistant is typically looked at as one of the best paying jobs, without having to go through years and years of detailed stressful schooling. Physician assistants raked in a median annual salary of $90,930 in 2012, according to the BLS. In 2010, CNN Money rated the Physician Assistant Career as the number two Best Job In America. In 2012, Forbes rated the Physician Assistant Degree as the number one Master 's Degree for jobs. According to the 2012 National…

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