Carbon Fuel Essay

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Use of Carbon Compounds as Fuel:
Carbon based fuels:
What makes a good fuel? What are these fuels used for? Combustion effects good bad
The main carbon based gases in use today are coal, gasoline and natural gas.
Coal: The chemical formula of coal is C135H96O9NS. Nearly 85% of Coal is made up of Carbon and the rest is mainly hydrogen and oxygen. Coal doesn’t have a melting point. Like all fossil and biofuels, all different kinds of coal produce CO2 when burned. Coal energy quality varies based upon where it is mined. Some coals can produce more energy than others.
Gasoline: C8H18 is the chemical formula of gasoline, which like coal is a mixture of hydrocarbons. There is no fixed melting point of gasoline although it is considered around
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This may lead to rising seas, changing weather patterns, more frequent hurricanes and other climate changes. Animal species will begin to die out as they cannot adapt to different living conditions- e.g polar bears will not be able to swim such huge distances as the ice is melting and there will be no ice floes for them to swim to. An increase in temperature will kill a lot of plant life and it is estimated that a 3.7 degree Fahrenheit change will wipe out around 97% of the world’s coral reefs. This process of the Earth’s temperature increasing is known as global warming.
Simple ways we can help decrease our production of excess greenhouse gases at home are by using less electricity. Switch off electronics when not in use, change light bulbs to energy efficient LED bulbs. You can also make sure that no taps are left running and limit your hot showers. Look out for energy and water efficient stars when buying new appliances such as fridges and washing machines. These simple things can help save you money and help decrease the amount of electricity you use- which in the long run will help decrease the amount of greenhouse gases being
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The mucus blocks the fine tubes in the lungs and reduces the air flow. Also, emphysema can be a result of air pollution. Emphysema is a disease caused by long-term irritation of the lungs which results in the breakdown of parts of the aveoli walls.
High air pollution levels have also been linked with higher likelyhood of heart problems. This includes heart attacks, and toxic pollutants can increase the risk of developing cancer. People with lung and heart conditions are more vulnerable to the effects of it. Children are even more so as they spend more time outdoors and their lungs are still growing and developing.
By 2050 air pollution levels from the incomplete combustion of fuels are estimated to be the cause of 3.6 million premature deaths in both developing and developed countries. By 2050 the amount of people who are dying from malaria is supposed to have halved, and by 2050 a far greater number of people will have access to clean water and sanitation. However there are only bad things predicted for increase of air pollution and the effects it will have on humans.

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