Carbon Free And Completely Renewable Essays

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Rough Draft Imagine a world where all energy is pollutant free and completely renewable. This is the goal of the alternate energy industries today. Alternative energy is defined as energy that does not consume fossil fuel. Over the past few decades the number of alternate energy sources have greatly increased. All of these forms of generating energy are unique and innovative. Alternate energy sources reduce pollution, create a renewable and abundant source of energy, and all at a small cost. The first and most common alternate source of energy is solar power. Solar power has been used since the beginning of time, by plants that is, but we are just now leaning to use it. It works by harnessing the energy from sun light. This is the most direct use of the suns energy. There are some major pros to this type of energy. First of all it is renewable. Energy from the sun will be around and useable as long as the sun is around. Because the sun will be around for a very long time we call this renewable, meaning it won’t run out. The second pro is probably the most sought after characteristic of all energy sources, pollution free. Solar panels do not release anything harm fun to the environment, therefore it is completely free of pollutants. Although solar energy sounds like the ultimate alternative, it has some downsides. Money is a universal problem around the world, and when it comes to solar energy there exists the same problem. To manufacture a solar panel, which are needed…

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