Carbon Dioxide : A Global Warming Essay

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An average American will drive up to thirty-seven miles per day, or around 13,000 miles per year (The Asphalt’s Getting Crowded, January 2015). According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) cars cause around 75% of the carbon monoxide in the air, and transportation, in general, emits around 27% of the greenhouse gases in the air. A greenhouse gas is a gas in the atmosphere that causes the heat to be trapped in the ozone layer; trapping the heat can cause global warming. Even if everyone in the world were to stop driving, or drive environmentally friendly vehicles; would it really cause our ozone to return back to normal? Carbon dioxide isn’t the real problem, but it is the emissions of methane, and methane may take less time to absorb into the atmosphere than carbon dioxide, but it is more potent. Methane “traps up to 100 times more heat than carbon dioxide over a 5-year period.” (Nyman, Methane vs. Carbon Dioxide: A Greenhouse Gas Showdown, September 2014) “Methane is 25-100 times more destructive than CO2 on a 20-year time frame” (Steinfield, Livestock’s Long Shadow, 2006). So why are more environmentalist more worried about carbon dioxide than methane? Is there more behind the story; I believe there is. Natural sources cause about 36% of methane in the atmosphere, while human related emissions of methane will add up to 64%. That 64% comes from the use of fossil fuels, but mainly the business of animal husbandry, the agribusiness. Cattle and agriculture can…

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