Captain America Research Paper

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“Sometimes I Want to Punch You in Your Perfect [Movie]” Captain America: Civil War is more than just another superhero movie. It’s more than a two-and-a-half-hour special effects smorgasbord/fanboy wet dream (although it is that too). It’s more than Captain America vs Iron Man. Captain America: Civil War is a consequence. A consequence of almost a decade’s worth of films and the events that have spanned them. For years, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has existed under the assumption that the world’s need for superheroes outweighs its need to regulate them. Our heroes arrive to save the day, only to bound off for the next adventure before the dust ever settles from the last. The world is then left to contend with the aftermath of a conflict …show more content…
There 's a feeling that our heroes are actual people, whose playful banter speaks to an authentic level of friendship, something that was missing from the contrived quip-fest in Age of Ultron. Civil War manages to recapture the magic of The Avengers, bringing characters together who had previously never met, and the results are just as rewarding, especially for fans who have followed this fictional universe since its inception. It also does a great job of laying the groundwork for future movies, building genuine interest for newly introduced characters by organically blending them into the film’s plot. Because Civil War builds off character development that has taken place over a dozen films, we have an immediate sense of emotional investment before the opening title card ever drops. As the film progresses, we find that its central conflict is driven, not by the typical escalation of bad guy overpowers good guy overpowers bad guy, but by a nuanced chain of events that eventually forces our protagonists to pick sides opposite the same morally grey line. After these alliances start to crumble, the fallout resonates with us in a way that a Batman-Superman slap fight never could. And, in some ways, this is exactly the kind of grounded, intimate conflict that the comic book movie genre so desperately

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