Captain Kidd Research Paper

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Captain Kidd started his life on the sea from a young age. He served on a French pirate ship which later he and some English men took over. Kidd became captain and was hired by the british to fight in the ongoing war for the caribbean between them and the French. He was mutinied and lost his original ship but was given another one by his English employer. After a while Kidd left and sailed for New York. In New York he was able to remove an illegitimate government from power and gain some respect amongst the new york merchants. He married a wealthy widow and started to dream up the idea of being a Royal Navy ship captain. He then got a letter of recommendation from a high ranking new york resident

Captain Kidd settled for the position of a privateer and was backed by the King of England as well as some of the most powerful men in England to hunt pirates. Commissioned a custom built frigate and megar crew Kidd began to hunt for pirates. However he ran into many problems. His men were paid on commision and his first big capture happened in basically three years. His ship was also built in a hurry so although it was well designed it was poorly caulked. Due to the fact that it was poorly Caulked it had to be careened ones, which didn't solve the problem very well and
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But, the money hungry governor imprisoned kidd, and sent word for England to come pick up Kidd as a prisoner. Kidd was kept in an English prison for almost a year before trial. Also, due to the fact that he was backed by some of the most powerful government officials, there was a huge scandal surrounding this. Kept in complete isolation Kidd almost died while in prison. However he was tried quickly and was sentenced to death on May 23. Kidd and other pirates of that time who were offered a pardon where betrayed and killed, this resulted in a more hostile and less forgiving time of

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