Captain Americ Civil War Essay

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“Sometimes I Want to Punch You in Your Perfect [Movie]” Captain America: Civil War is more than just another superhero movie. It’s more than a two-and-a-half-hour special effects smorgasbord/fanboy wet dream (although it is that too). It’s more than Captain America vs Iron Man. Captain America: Civil War is a consequence. A consequence of almost a decade’s worth of films and the events that have spanned them. For years, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has existed under the assumption that the world’s need for superheroes outweighs its need to regulate them. Our heroes arrive to save the day, only to bound off for the next adventure before the dust ever settles from the last. The world is then left to contend with the aftermath of a conflict they usually played no part in. And, as the damage to infrastructure, and more importantly, casualties pile up, so too does the public’s impatience for the free reign that our destructive, albeit well meaning, heroes are afforded. Civil War asks, “Are the Avengers above the law?" The seeds of this question were planted as far back as the first Avengers film when, in the aftermath of the Battle of New York, the public wondered whether the Avengers would answer for all the collateral damage they caused during their triumph over Loki and the Chitauri. In the movies since, we 've seen our heroes ' trust of government organizations, and of each other, challenged, as well as an exponential rise in global chaos, with each catastrophe more…

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