Essay on Capital Punishment : The Death Penalty

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Capital punishment is known as the death penalty. Let’s describe first what capital punishment is. Capital punishment occurs when a person suffers the death sentence by the state as a punishment for a crime. These violations are also known as capital crime too. Today many countries and societies are follows capital punishment as a solution to protect crime. Also the death penalty abolished many countries and societies. The Death penalty was often common for a ruling party to make the offender known throughout the community for his or her criminal acts. If the community were made aware of the consequences for breaking the laws and the crime rate would be reduced. “The free”. After studying in my ethics class I learned Kant theory. Kant theory is morally acceptable about death penalty because he says death penalty results on preventing future criminal behavior. People should respect the state’s law and who violates the law they should be punished. The aim of this paper is to figure out what causes and effects came from the use capital punishment by morality and I want to figure out why it is good for societies.

Let’s see first what the main cause of capital punishment. In different sources explain in different ways. From my opinion, I believe every person has the right to live and should not be denied this right either by the government or any other law. However the death penalty is used as a tool of punishing those who have committed any violation or…

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