Capital Punishment Should Not Be Introduced Into The Australian Legal System

1485 Words Oct 25th, 2015 6 Pages
From its administration in 1967 to its official abolishment in 2010 under the Crimes Legislation Amendment (Torture Prohibition and Death Penalty Abolition) Act, capital punishment has remained a controversial part of the Australian legal system (Johnson, DT & Zimring FE 2006; Lennan, J & Williams, G 2012). With events such as the Bali bombing, the Osama Bin Laden case (Lennan, J & Williams, G 2012) and the Nguyen Tuong Van drug smuggling case (Indermaur, D 2006), the implementation of the death penalty is continually brought to the forefront of Australia’s attention as to whether the method should be reintroduced. In this essay, I will be arguing that capital punishment should not be introduced into the Australian legal system, except in cases of extreme terrorism and war crimes. I will also be arguing that the legislation in regards to life imprisonment needs to be refined and standardised across the different states to refer to the natural life of an individual. This will be done through an examination of crime rates in Australia and other democracies, life imprisonment and virtual sentences as an alternative and the certainty versus the severity of punishment as a deterrent. I am aware that other factors such as political stability, economic development and religion influence the implementation of capital punishment but for the purpose of this essay, they are outside of scope.
Throughout the Western world, capital punishment is considered to be an ‘orthodoxy of a…

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