Capital Punishment Should Not Be Abolished Essay

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Capital Punishments role in America plays a huge part in how America handles offenders and repeat offenders. reports that Time magazine says,” An estimated 2,000,000 people have been victims of crimes, from assault to murder. With insufficient laws to address these issues, criminals become careless and bolder. For this reason, there is a need for a death penalty.” Capital punishment, should not be abolished because, it takes committing a heinous act to receive the death penalty. Not to mention it offers closure to the families involved, along with being a deterrent to crime. Committing a heinous crime, whether premeditated or not; such a treason, terrorism, or murder, are just a few crimes that will be given the death penalty. Currently the method being used by states who still prescribe the death penalty, is lethal injection. This has become, the more human way to execute a person. For example, the death penalty is death row. When an offender is sentenced to the death penalty they are put on death row, which is housed in a different unit than those who are put on life without parole. How effective is the death penalty? This type of punishment is 100% effective in keeping repeat offenders from offending again, if the sentence is carried all the way through. Moreover, can the threat of the death penalty be enough to help keep crime down? reads, “Each execution prevented five-six murders, and pardons from death row led to more murders.”…

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