Capital Punishment Should Be Abolished Essay

786 Words Nov 16th, 2015 4 Pages
Humans often respond by wanting the worst for felon particularly when it involves a loved one. Often forgetting the person that committed the crime is human just like them. Felons deserve fair rights just like anyone else with freedom. Even if they are appointed to cruel punishment or will be appointed. There has been a controversy with capital punishment for a very long time now. Not everyone has an agreement on whether it should stay as part of punishment or go away. Death penalty is a form a punishment for a felon that has committed a major crime such as murdering. Everyone has different viewings about this dilemma trough out the U.S. Another major conflict with capital punishment is the type of execution that will be performed. The type of execution that has been very popular trough out the United States is lethal drug. A drug that can have a lot of harm on the inmate just like the family of the prosecuted would wish upon them. Little do they know rights of the defendant are being violated, companies are refusing to send this drug out, and prisons are willing to delay just to use the drug. The usage of lethal drug for death penalty has become very common in the United States. Not many know the story behind the making, usage, and causes. It is unbelieve how a criminal has been denied the right to know what exactly will be used in his body. No matter what type of crime a felon did they deserve to have facts about the drug. A case presented by “Grado” demonstrates how…

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