Capital Punishment Of The United States Essay

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The first federal execution in the United States dates back to June 25, 1790, when Thomas Bird was hung in Massachusetts. Since this day, there have been approximately 1,421 citizens executed by capital punishment. Around four percent of people that have been executed were later found out to be innocent. There is absolutely no excuses for the loss of innocent American lives, which can be deemed as one of the biggest flaws of capital punishment. The United States is supposed to be have on one of the best justice systems in the world, but a country that sentenced innocent people to death does not sound justifiable. Throughout history, there have been cases in which states have abolished the use of capital punishment in that particular state. According to Historical Timeline, “In 1897, U.S. Congress passed a bill reducing the number of federal death crimes” (“Historical Timeline,” n.d.). However, executions resumed in 1976 with the case of Georgia v. Gregg, which claimed capital punishment was not unconstitutional. According to Mario Cuomo, “the official power to kill by execution, that has never elevated a society, never brought back a life, never inspired anything but hate” (Cuomo 2011). It promotes America to be a vengeful society, which is not a healthy way to live. There are a plethora of reasons why capital punishment is detrimental to the country as a whole, but the main reasons are that it costs more to keep a prisoner on death row, it is unconstitutional and can lead…

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