Capital Punishment And The Death Penalty Essay

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Capital punishment, the execution of an offender sentenced to death after conviction by a court of law of a criminal offense (“Capital Punishment”1) .There are 32 states that are pro capital punishment (“States with and without the death penalty”1) and in my response I am anti capital punishment and I believe that these states that believe in the capital punishment need to repeal it as a result that capital punishment known more as the death penalty it is inadequate determent of crime, it causes taxpayers money and it consist of racial views . For these reasons capital punishment should end. Initially, Capital Punishment has many downfalls and one of those downfalls is the racial discrimination that it has. Race has been a matter of interest in the death penalty since the 1900s. (“Racial Discrimination and The death penalty in the post -furman era: An empirical and legal overview, with recent findings from Philadelphia”). The United States has been aware of this issue for many years and still they are many states who do not abolish capital punishment taking the risk that an individual would be put to death because of a juror who is racists. The Justice department of the United States has reviewed the federal death penalty and on a study released on September 12, 2000 the Justice Department has found a significant amount of racial and geographic problems (“Race and the death penalty”). This report showed that 80 percent of the cases submitted by federal prosecutors filing…

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