Capital Punishment And The Death Penalty Essay

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Capital punishment is a very controversial topic because many still believe that it is right to execute someone. Death sentences are handed out to those that are found guilty of a critical crime such as murdering. Capital punishment, government sanctioned punishment by death. Debates on the death penalty has been a really big topic, there are people out there that still agree with the death penalty and believe that it’s a fair punishment. Crimes that can result in a death penalty are known as the capital crime such as murders or rapes which are the issues, however people have no right to decide whether that person should die or not. The impact of the death penalty could be people not believing in the government to make a right decision, they will be looked upon as monsters because it is so cruel, they are spending unnecessary money to put someone to death. The purpose of the law is to find justice for the victim and punish the guilty. Although some may believe that death penalty is the most effective way to punish major criminals, it is not effective because errors could be made and an innocent man would not get a chance to be freed, it would beat the purpose of justice, and death penalty is way more expensive than life in prison.
First, there are possibilities that error will be made during trials. The problem is in the court to bring out a fair judgement whether the convicted murderer is guilty, and should the guilty be executed or not. It does not matter how careful the…

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