Capabilities And Limitations Of Intelligence Essay

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Capabilities and Limitations of Intelligence in Support of Homeland Security
The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is a cabinet department of the United States national government which was created in response to the September 11, 2001, attacks in the nation. The department was created to primarily deal with the issue of protecting and securing the territory of the United States. It was created with the goal to prepare for, prevent and respond to any kind of domestic emergencies and in this case particularly terrorism (National Intelligence Council, & United States of America, 2011). Being the third largest Cabinet department after the Veterans Affairs and the Departments of Defense, Homeland Security is a department having countless affairs taking place in it.
It is because of its duties and responsibility that the department has to work in collaboration with other agencies to ensure the United States is protected and well secured. One of the agencies that the department works with are the intelligence agencies. These are agencies responsible for collecting, analyzing, blending and evaluating security information that comes from a range of sources (Richelson, 2008).
An issue like that of terrorism comes from a wide range of sources; it can come through the federal, state, local law enforcement or tribal. Other government agencies such as healthcare, transportation and general government as well as agencies of the private sector can also help in the gathering of this…

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