Essay on Canon Future Strategies

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The Excellent Global Corporation Plan

Based on the corporate philosophy of kyosei, the Excellent Global Corporation Plan is a medium- to long-term management plan with the goal of building a corporate group that continues contributing to society through technological innovation, aiming to be a corporation worthy of admiration and respect worldwide. In the five-year first phase of the plan, which began in 1996, Canon inculcated in the Group the concepts of profit orientation and total optimization, introducing production reforms by means of the cell production system, and cash flow-based consolidated business performance evaluation. In the second phase of the plan, which began in 2001, they have aimed to become No.1 in all our businesses
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This creates problems because it takes considerable time to send them over a network and places a heavy burden on servers.
Canon's high-compression PDF conversion technology makes it possible to compress image files to a fraction of the size that would normally be required. For example, using JPEG compression, scanning an A4-size color document filled with text and photos at 150-dpi resolution would create a file of about 2 MB in size. However, using Canon's groundbreaking technology, the file is compressed to about one-tenth this size without deterioration in image quality. The secret is that Canon's technology can successfully separate the text from the background and compress them separately. Using this technology, photographs remain clear and alphanumeric characters are reproduced crisply. Therefore, this technology maintains high image quality even as it significantly reduces the volume of data. This breakthrough is differentiating Canon's network MFDs from those of competitors.

Canon has created "FINE: Full-photolithography Inkjet Nozzle Engineering," which offers a rich repertoire of capabilities for picture-perfect results. Achieving this level of quality required each individual dot to be printed at a smaller size and with greater accuracy. However, as the ink droplets become smaller, variations in droplet size and dot placement have an adverse effect on overall image quality. FINE is

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