Candida Overproduction Research Paper

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Symptoms of Candida Overproduction and Treatment

The fungus Candida is a form of yeast found in your intestine and mouth in small amounts. The function of this fungus is to help the process of digestion and absorption of nutrients. However, overgrowth of Candida causes the fungus to enter the blood by breaking down the intestine wall. It releases toxic byproducts causing digestive issues, leaky gut and depression.
How does Candida overgrowth happen? The bacterium in the gut that is not harmful keeps the levels of Candida normal. However, stress, antibiotics, oral contraceptives, refined sugar and carbohydrates and alcohol destroy the friendly bacteria in the gut. Beneficial foods such as pickles, sauerkraut and Kombucha can also cause
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If the levels of D-Arabinitol are raised, you have Candida overproduction in the small intestine or upper gut.
Treatment of Candida Overproduction To treat Candida, the yeast overproduction must be stopped. Then, the friendly bacteria must be restored. Finally, the gut must be healed in order to stop the Candida to enter in the blood again. The diet that will help you to get rid of Candida involves small intake of carbohydrates and eliminating the intake of sugar through flours, candies, alcohol and desserts completely. Complex carbohydrates such as potatoes, grains, pasta, fruit and bread can be consumed. Treating Candida with a diet only will require from 3 to 6 months. Consuming anti-fungal medicines or supplements such as caprylic acid can also aid the healing process. Caprylic acid is actually a product of coconut oil. Oregano oil can destroy the Candida, but can also destroy the friendly bacteria. Regular intake of probiotics will restore the previously destroyed friendly bacteria. 25 to 100 units are recommended. At the end, your gut will be healthy again without any danger of Candida overgrowth if your diet is healthy and organic without any inflammatory food

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