Gardnerella Vaginalis Essay

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Introduction Gardnerella Vaginalis also known as Bacterial Vaginosis is a bacterial infection normally found in the female’s genital tract [5]. This can cause a female to go through abnormal vaginal odor and discharge. Generally an unpleasant fishy smell with a yellow or white discharge [2]. Garnerella Vaginalis otherwise Bacterial Vaginosis can be contracted through vaginal douching, multiple or new sex partners and intrauterine contraceptive device (IUD). Bacterial Vaginosis is not only contracted during sexual intercourse but women who have never had vaginal intercourse can have it as well. Bacterial vaginalis is a simple infection of a women’s pH balance being off. This is due to a women having more harmful bacteria than good bacteria …show more content…
Bacterial vaginosis is where lactobacilli is absent from the vaginal area which have an overgrowth of gram negative bacteria and Actinobacteria. A female would have an increased in pH which is above 4.5 and the existence of clue cells from a swab of the vaginal fluids.
Gardnerella vaginalis was discovered by Gardner and Dukes in the year of 1955 [5]. Some say that it is considered to be a sexually transmitted disease but this cannot be clarified due to women who are not sexually active producing the same symptoms. It is shown that Gardnerella vaginalis was also found in female horses (mares). Some strains of Gardnerella vaginalis is not feasible after being stored in the freezer [1].
Stains and Morphology Practitioners would take a swab from a female’s vaginal area which is then taken to the lab to be confirmed for a diagnosis. Once the specimen is collected, a gram-stain is preformed and the bacteria was inoculated onto a human blood tween bilayer agar medium [1]. The media was incubated in a 37°C temperature for about forty-eight hours in humid 5% CO2 atmosphere. The bacteria on the plate appeared to have β-hemolytic hemolysis, transparent colonies, catalase test of negative and a sodium polyethylene sulfonate test of positive. The bacteria was also sensitive to bacitracin but it turned out to be resistant to sulphonamide
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Herbal therapies consist of fresh garlic (Allium sativum) [3]. The fresh garlic has antibacterial properties in it in which it can add to a women’s diet. In order to get accurate results, you would have to peel the garlic, wrap it into gauze and insert it into the vagina [3]. By doing this, it would have to be changed twice daily. Another herbal therapy is to bathe the vaginal tissues in an infused fresh chickweed (Stellaria media) [3]. This substance is made by boiling water, adding one to two teaspoons of the fresh chickweed and then submerging it for five minutes and allowing it to cool [3]. This process helps with the irritation and itching of the vaginal

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