Essay On Chlamydia

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Kassandra Morain
Chlamydia: A Silent Infection

Among the age groups, teens and young adults are the ones who seem most affected by cases of chlamydia. There are a reported 3 million cases per year, but due to the fact that not every case are reported and also due to the fact that a lot of symptoms of the diseases are not recognized, the number is likely a lot higher than that. Preventable by use of protective devices such as latex condoms, there are yearly screenings and tests for chlamydia and are recommended for those who have several sexual partners and are over the age of twenty five. It is treated by a simple antibiotic, but given that the symptoms are not detected or recognized, it often progresses into something worse and a lot
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Another odd instance of chlamydia is conjunctivitis; touching one’s eye with a contaminated hand will lead to this. It should be noted that it cannot be spread by toilet seats, as this was a questionable form of contracting the disease. As previously acknowledged, it is a sexual transmitted disease (for the most part, omitting conjunctivitis) and a latex condom is the main form of protection against the disease. One of the reasons chlamydia is not diagnosed or necessarily understood to be so, is because it is often confused with gonorrhea. It is seemingly deemed useless to try and diagnose chlamydia by symptoms alone and so screenings and tests are recommended. One important factor that attributes for all of the unreported cases of the disease is that 75% of women and 50% of men do not show symptoms at all. Almost a silent killer, in a manner of speaking. For those that do have symptoms, they seem easily interchangeable for other sicknesses – in some cases just a common cold given the soreness in the throat and around the mouth or perhaps a urinary tract infection or yeast infection. They include: an inflamed rectum, inflamed urethra, soreness in the throat or mouth, vaginal discharge, a burning sensation during

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