Cancer Informative Speech

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What is cancer? Cancer is the normal cells in your body that become abnormal by not being able to perform the final processes of the cell cycle, apoptosis, and die. When cancer cells cannot perform this process of dying they continue to rapidly grow and multiply. Eventually they become a large growth of cells also known as a tumor. When a tumor is not harmful it is called a “benign” tumor. When a tumor is harmful and cancerous it is considered “malignant”. From there the cancer is at stage 1 and will begin to spread through time. Moving its way through the stages and hopefully it has already been discovered long before this point.
What is happening in your body?
Cells have DNA to help form them into whatever cells your body may need and
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All it is a growth of cells somewhere on your body right? How can that kill you? Well it depends on where the cancer is first of all. For example if it is in your bone marrow, death usually occurs from infection. Cancer in the brain will eventually cause disruptions between normal brain wave patterns such as breathing. As Cancer cells grow eventually they will become to much for the infected area and break off of the tumor and travel to other areas of the body. This can cause clotting, thus depriving red blood cells and eventually oxygen from reaching certain parts of your body. The severity, aggressiveness, and many other factors all comes down to the fact that every cancer is different and unique to that very own individual.
Who is more susceptible to cancer?
Since cancer is a genetic disease, people that have families with a history of cancer could be at risk. For example on my father's side, his grandma and mother both had breast cancer. This was a warning side to my dad that his sister lois and sandy may be at risk for breast cancer. Ironically enough they both have had and survived breast cancer. Others who would be at extreme risk would be people who smoke due to the 4000 chemicals in a cigarette. Forty-three of which are scientifically proven carcinogens. Also if you expose yourself to radioactivity that could also cause damage or mutation to DNA.
How can you prevent

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