Canadian Politics : An Area Of Controversy Within Canada Essay

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The Canadian Parliamentary system is traditionally built off a system of checks and balances that allows for the federal office ensure that irrational and inappropriate ideas and decisions are unable to be pushed through. However, in time, this system has begun to diminish within Canada. Canadian politics has become an area of controversy within Canada, beginning with when Pierre Trudeau amended the 1970 Elections Act, and continuing through to Canada’s past Prime Minister Stephen Harper. These changes within parliament allowed for the Prime Minister to appoint everyone who sits in office. This helps push forward the Prime Minister’s personal agenda with minimal resistance. The Prime Minister has control over who is appointed into office, who is allowed to speak during Parliament, and allowed to prorogue parliament if s/he feels necessary to do so. With the lack of checks and balances within Canadian Parliament, the Prime Minister is left to being the most unchecked and unsupervised head of power in any democracy. Transferring of power into the Prime Minister’s hands began in 1919 with William Lyon Mackenzie King as party leader. During his reign in office, the power of individual Members of Parliament was shifted into the hands of the party leader. This was originally believed to help encourage participation within politics by party members. The next aid to the shift in power was the 1970 Election Act amendments which provided the party leader with greater power; allowing…

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