Canadian Military Role As A Rational Actor Essay

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Canada also had an important role as a rational actor. In this role the Canadian military began investing in diplomatic missions that provided assistance for other nations. Diplomatic military spending began in response to the Korean War. Investment in diplomatic spending kept increasing until the 1980’s when our national economic issues forced us to cut back on our diplomatic spending. In contrast Harper’s drastic cut back of spending shows that his government is seriously unwilling to keep our once solid diplomatic relations with other foreign countries. These significant cuts have meant less foreign aid, smaller military budgets, and a decrease in Canadian foreign diplomatic footprint that will only decrease our presence on the world stage. An important thing to understand is that throughout history the Canadian government understood that it was not a super power, so Canadian Prime Minister’s have used their powerful relationship with the United States to make sure that Western militaries never undermined the interests of liberal democracies. Canada was also in the forefront in the UN’s entire powerful peacekeeping mission during the Cold War. During the late twentieth century Canada always ranked in the top six most powerful peacekeeping contributors. From 2006 onward Canada has dropped to 50thRecent developments has seen Canada less active in multilateral bodies like NAFTA. Canada’s presence at the UN has dramatically declined so much that we have lost us much of the…

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