Canada 's Energy And Economic Prosperity Essay

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Canada has a historically conflicted relationship with the environment. Even in recent years with the rise of green incentives and increased emphasis on sustainable practices, Canada continues to lag in several key areas associated with environmental sustainability. Canada’s unyielding need for energy and economic prosperity has somewhat left environmental considerations at the curb. For this reason, Canada should not be considered a leader in the transition to more sustainable sources of energy. The Canadian government, responsible for promoting national sustainability, often shies away from commitments to environmental issues, particularly when it comes to renewable energy (Susuki, 2014). Resultantly, Canada ranks embarrassingly low among it peers in terms of environmental prosperity. The government should recognize environmental rather than economic importance by reducing unsustainable practices such as oil extraction from the Alberta tar sands. Though attempts have been made, the nation needs to learn to better manage its wealth of available resources and invest in their use towards sustainable practices. Lastly, environmentally targeted guidelines need to be put in place and the nation needs to fully commit to them if Canada ever hopes to become a transitional leader to a cleaner tomorrow.
Canada’s Shortcomings by the Numbers
The Current state of renewable energy in Canada is quite misleading. Although the nation yields about 18.9% of its primary energy…

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