American Magazine Case Study

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Today, 89 percent of magazines sold in Canada are foreign, most of which are
American. ( From Class Material). Just imagine this statement, it seems Canadian people depend on foreign entertainment. Globalization played a major role to take in this case. What I believe is that head of the country always try to save the country with any cost. But in this case is little different, Canada and America are neighbor country. What I feel is that America always see Canada is one of their States. I could be wrong here. As I mentioned earlier that Canadian government will try to save the country from financial and cultural lose. Now every country has set of rules and regulation and at the same time you have to keep good relationship with your neighbor
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What I see the problem is people of the country. If the people of the country are united and show loyal to the country not buying foreign products then it would much easier for the Government to make deal with this. If the people of the country prefer to buy American magazine more then local magazine companies will shut down eventually. Now question is why Canadian prefer to buy American Magazine. Are the attractive? Are those magazine’s content much different than Canadian magazine? So many questions come in my mind. Canadian Magazine companies are not able produce what American Magazine company can do? This is obvious that America has more population than Canada. So America will have more stories than Canada which is normal. People like to get entertained through reading magazines and reading unbelievable stories.It is all depend on Canadian people to buy those magazines and adapt the life style based on they read from American Magazine. I personally blame Canadian people to create this kind of situation. As I am a Canadian by passport definitely I will support to keep Canadian …show more content…
Based on the output of the survey I will request magazine companies to write those stories and information in those magazine. I will strongly suggest magazine companies to write some educational things in the magazine so that people read magazine regular basis they will get some knowledge through reading those magazines. One most important thing I will do is that request all Canadian writer or journalist to come back to their country and work for the country. I will be making sure that they get paid what they deserve. I personally know lots of talented people are working all the over the world. That happens for all the country around the globe. As I am the Canadian Government, I will also inform people of my country that we have less people than America. So we may not have lots of stories to share but we have quality stories which people will get benefited by reading those magazine where people will learn about Canadian history and

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