Can You Live Without Music? Essay

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Can you live without music? Music is a form of art that expresses emotions and ideas through lyrics, rhythm and harmony. For most people, music is a part of their everyday life and or routine. People listen to music to manage their mood, relieve stress and to motivate and or encourage them to do something. Music allows one to learn about other people and cultures, to be able to discover themselves and to be able to connect with others. Music is good for your health, it can make one feel better, it can help ease pain, it can help you focus and it can keep you calm. Music is good for people of all ages. Music comes in many different styles, types and genres. People have their own preferences when it comes to music. Some people like rap music while others do not, some people like country music while others do not and so forth. According to “TeenInk”, people listen to different types of music because some music relaxes them, some people can relate to the lyrics and some people grew up listening a certain genre. The many different genres relays different messages. In today’s society, the music I listen to, I hear a lot of music that relays messages about violence whether it promotes violence or is against violence. In this essay I will focus on the song “Love The Way You Lie” featuring Eminem and Rhianna. I chose to write about the song “Love The Way You Lie” featuring Eminem and Rhianna because the lyrics go through the cycle of domestic violence.
Eminem is an American rapper,…

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