Manipulative Melodies Essay

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Manipulative Melodies
Music is a way in which people get their emotions out by the means of rhythm and tone—and when listened to—those emotions are felt by other people. The relationship man has with music is much more than sweet melodies to the ears. Rather, is acts as a guide: manipulating the listeners mind to achieve the unthinkable. Whether you are rocking out to The Weezers or mellowing down to Frank Sinatra, music has the ability to change our mood, get us motivated, and aid concentration.
Rhythmical music can affect brain chemistry and body functions. When listening to “rhythm,” the heart beat begins to act as if it where water being poured into a plastic bottle—taking the form of the rhythm. Listening to the haunting vibes of “Heathens” by “21 pilots” can raise
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Music that is fast, loud, rhythmical, percussive, and bass driven can help circulate blood in the body before a morning running session. At the same time there are songs that can inspire one to get out of their comfort zone and do something about world issues such as violence and injustice. However, there are songs that can do the complete opposite and cause corruption in society: Hip-Hop lyrics can often have themes of retribution, rebellion, and self-importance. The lyrics can contain references to sex, drug use, that can influence the way people perceive the world.
As a further note, music can have a tremendous relaxing effect on our bodies. By listening to soft music such as classical or instrumental, [ Of course when it comes to calming down, personal preference is important] it can slow the heart rate and reduce levels of stress hormones making it easier for the mind to concentrate on the task at hand (edMed sec.4). As music can assimilate our consideration, it goes about as a diversion at the same time it helps investigate feeling. This implies it can be an incredible guide to contemplation, keeping the psyche

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