Can Students Have Too Much Tech? Essay

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Computer technology has been very widely used in everything that we do from work to our studies. Our generation today (well my generation) uses smart phones, laptops, tablets, and other types of technology on a daily bases and even most of the day. More and more schools now are giving students laptops and tablets to work on homework and study the material. But do all students really do their homework and study using electronic devices?
In “Can Students Have Too Much Tech?” an op-ed article on the New York Times on January 30, 2015 by a developmental psychologist and columnist Susan Pinker. She believes that most students with access to those electronic devices are not using them the way that they are supposed to use it. Pinker supports her arguments by using research or experiment that other people have done that involves students using computers, uses some people who are professors, and other highly educated people. When she describes how the students use technology when they first get their hands on them, Pinker points out that most of the students who are using computers the wrong way are children of low-income family because she speculate that most of the time both parents are at work and the student isn’t supervised by anybody. At the end of Pinker article, she proposes a solution for schools to consider to help students use those electronic devices in a more efficient way to be successful at school. Pinker uses of these research study and other people in her…

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