Campus Accommodation Essay

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On-campus accommodation is often viewed as a safer and suitable alternative to renting houses outside the university. Most advertisements for campus accommodation emphasize stress-free living in a safe environment that guarantees the finest learning and socialization. Universities also attach photographs of neat and tidy buildings and well-furnished rooms with running water and working sewage systems. They often focus on other social amenities such as Wi-Fi and access to maintenance on a 24-hour basis. Unfortunately, campus accommodation is not as healthy as some universities would like the public and potential resident students to think. The universities indeed face a vast array of accommodation-related problems. These include, but are not limited to, overcrowding and health predicaments. American University is not an exception. Students reporting to such high learning …show more content…
These codes are designed to ensure the student have safe and secure accommodation that meets the highest quality. The suggestion is that the university has the responsibility to deal with all issues that might not be right with our halls of residence. For instance, the codes cover a variety of issues, which include repairs and regular maintenance, gas, fire, and electricity safety, security, management of the student’s license or tenancy, and any other complaints the students might raise (Pincas 33). These codes are supposed to guide the students concerning the duties and responsibility of the university as long as the contract remains enforceable. However, a spot check reveals that most universities, probably including American University, do not always respond to these issues in a timely manner. According to Sahin, for instance, a number of institutions only tend to upgrade their anti-accident facilities when there are threats of such

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