Cambodian Immigrants

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The Cambodian immigration all started due to the Khmer rouge and the Vietnam army wanting to invade Cambodia. The invasion was announced by President Richard Nixon on April 30th of 1970. President Richard Nixon had been ordering to bomb Cambodia for months before he actually announced declaring an invasion. The Khmer rouge began to take control on April 17, 1975 and their army was led by Pol Pot. I believe the Cambodian immigrants coming to America was a good decision because they were able to have a fresh start even though them being in the war and basically going through slavery was a bad unforgettable memory. I have heard many stories from Khmer immigrants that have came here to the United States. I have also had family that has experience …show more content…
The community organizations provided language classes to help maintain senses of cultural identity. “Cambodians are not very involved with the United States government or political situation and instead focus on rebuilding their country.” (
Due to the Khmer Rouge many of the Khmer refugees had health problems due to emotional trauma and physical problems. This condition is known as the “Pol Pot Syndrome” it can be caused by insomnia, pain, loss appetite, and difficulty with breathing. Some of them have flashbacks and nightmares of their past in the Khmer rouge. Each one of them had a different experience in the Khmer rouge. Many Cambodians immigrated here after escaping the Khmer rouge and they all have many backgrounds and stories behind it
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Bringing Cambodia to Long Beach preserved a great Cambodian culture to the community. The Cambodian residents celebrate Cambodian New Year wishing each other's families and friends happiness, peace, and success. This celebration is the time of the year that brings families and friends together to enjoy and keep one another good company. The culture shows that the Cambodian community brought everyone closer and the diverse city of Long Beach. They also celebrate the new years with a parade in Long Beach, Cambodia town. “The Cambodian community still tries to incorporate its culture into the city.” ( The new years is filled with history and sows the Cambodians that they should be proud of their

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