Julius Caesar: Great Roman Leaders

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Caesar was one of the great Roman leaders studied throughout history today known for his political and military strategies. Betrayed by the men he trusted the most in the Roman Empire, because they believed he was a selfish dictator and that it would be better for Rome if he was taken out of power.
Gaius Julius Caesar a Roman public figure who led the Roman Republic into the Roman Empire through great military campaigns and the total destruction of people within Rome who became his enemy. Later in his political life he used his power the people had given him to strengthen his own authority through laws that weakened many others political power. In doing so he slowly began to lose the trust of the people that supported him and this began leading his supporters to plot their betrayal eventually leading to Caesars assassination at the hands of his own Senate and those closest to him who he trusted like family such as Brutus. The accounts of Caesars assassination are few seeing as there was no actual record of the event other
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This statement is probably the best to describe Caesar in all of mentions in history, because its true the people of that time thought Caesar was a great leader and like every great leader he had the people that hated him and the people who only mentioned his cons. However in all of these sources it seems everyone does change their mind about Caesar. It seems that the power he acquired and kept giving himself changed him so naturally it changed the way the people saw him. History will probably always describe Caesar as one of the leaders who had good intentions but just began to get lost in the power he was gaining. Just as many leaders before him and many leaders after him history who have been left labeled as

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