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Omega is a successful company and one of the largest supermarket chains in the UK, employing a large number of staff in stores across the country. Although the industry has seen very little growth in recent years, Omega has successfully increased its market share through a policy of lowering prices (the company claims to have reduced prices by 7.5 per cent between 2004-2009) and improving customer service. It currently holds a dominant share of the UK market in its core business and is growing rapidly in related areas. The company plans to continue expanding in the UK, opening up new stores on brownfield sites in regeneration areas.
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The nature of the job is very demanding- these staff has to work long hours, perform wide range of tasks and struggle to fill vacancies and absences on the shop floor. As one store manager, explained:
Section managers have to work very hard…they are more task oriented than the senior team…ideally section managers should spend 70-80 per cent of their time managing but they do not always do this because of the demands of the job.
Especially if they have to fill in for absent employees and vacant positions, as well as fulfil their routine tasks, such as conducting regular meetings and other administrative duties. It’s one of the more pressurised roles.

This may partly explain why many stores face recruitment and retention difficulties with this position.

A research study was conducted on four stores, all of which in a single geographical region. All are in market towns with similar economic profiles, in other words, the demographic, labour market and income pattern in these towns are broadly similar. A total of 43 section managers were interviewed using a structured questionnaire, representing two-thirds of the section managers’ population in those stores. Their views were sought on their job, the HR policies practices, the way their senior managers behaved and more

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