Buying From A Pet Store Vs Animal Shelter Essay

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Buying from a pet store vs animal shelter
Who doesn 't love adding an adorable puppy to the family? It’s always so exciting when getting a new dog. In Hawaii, you can buy your new furry friend a couple different ways. People can go to pet stores that sell dogs, the animals there are usually pure bred and come from puppy mills. Or you can go to the Humane Society, where there is a large selection of different dogs from different backgrounds that are looking for a safe home . Both have so many cute dogs, but there is so much people don 't know about the truth behind buying from a pet store rather than adopting from a shelter. In my opinion, everybody should adopt from the shelter because you are saving a life, you aren’t financially contributing to puppy mills, and you save a great deal of money.
To start off, each year, 2.7 million animals are euthanized in shelters, that 's 36% of the animals that come into the shelters. Unlike pet stores, who carry a very small amount of animals and do not need to eliminate their population. This happens in shelters because of three big reasons, illness, aggression, and overpopulation. Illness is sometimes inevitable in shelters, no matter how clean the place is it won 't help avoid outbreaks of diseases. Most shelters will say to not put your hands in the cages, this is to prevent upper respiratory infection and kennel cough, because not every dog there will have the greatest immune system. Other diseases like feline panleukopenia,…

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