Busn 258 Week 8 Final Exam - Package Essay

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BUSN 258 Week 8 Final Exam - Package
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BUSN 258 Final Exam - Version 1

Multiple Choice

(TCO 1) The best way to win customer loyalty is to: (TCO 2) Which of the following problems is NOT listed as a people turnoff? Points (TCO 3) Small companies can compete against larger ones if they offer: (TCO 4) Which of the following is NOT an example of something a company can do to enhance extrinsic value? (TCO 5) Companies cannot wait years for their customers to see long-term value, so they should: (TCO 4) Smart companies connect with their customers through: (TCO 5) Intrinsic value
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(TCO 4,5) Explain the concept of goodness of product fit. (TCO 6,7) Describe the two personalities a customer will encounter when doing business with an organization,and provide examples of each from your own experience.25 of 25 (TCO 8, 9) Describe at least three techniques that companies can use to successfully engage their customers. What are your recommendations for improving a company's ability to engage their customers? (TCO 13) Describe the difference between customer share and market share. Explain which concept is more important.

BUSN 258 Final Exam - Version 2

Multiple Choice

(TCO 1) The first step to reduce waiting time is to: (TCO 2) Communication turnoffs often occur when employees are ignorant of: (TCO 3) Small companies can compete against larger ones if they offer: (TCO 4) Value arises from a tradeoff between: (TCO 5) To enhance value through goodness of product fit: (TCO 4) If several people are asking the same question, you have: (TCO 5) Intrinsic value arises from: (TCO 5) The best companies to work for: (TCO 5) Customer convenience stems from: (TCO 4) Communication effectiveness is NOT best achieved when the message (TCO 9) Excellent organizations are: (TCO 8) Behavior is: (TCO 8) One problem with not seeing the person you are talking to is: (TCO 9) How far from your mouth should the telephone mouthpiece

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