Business With Friends And Family Hess Essay

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In referring to conducting business with friends and family Hess (2011) states, despite the best of intentions and the highest of hopes, what starts out as a seemingly "safe," mutually-beneficial project or interaction can turn into anything from a minor embarrassment to a major nightmare. Unfortunately, I must admit that I should have never approached Mr. Marshall Petersen about possible conducting business with me directly after we completed our Sunday school class. I know that in the future that I will always abide by a separation of business and church. Moreover, Mr. Petersen took advantage of my 17-year-old son and had him sign a contract that I never knew anything about. Furthermore, this act was dishonest and not Christian like. However, I feel responsible that Mr. Marshall may never trust a Christian again and cause his exploring of faith to be halted since he may conclude that I am a Christian that back stabbed he and his company.
I understand what is at stake for Mr. Petersen and I. He is on the verge of losing a really great deal that has helped his business grow substantially and that will more than likely have a negative impact on his future profits. Moreover, he will likely try and sue my company for a breach of contract on the basis of implied covenant of good faith and asked to be compensated for damages thru the end of the contract that was signed. At times like this, one should always leave it in God’s hands and refer to biblical guidance. Matthew…

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