Business Report Qantas Airways Essay

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Hasblady Leon Ramirez (Sofia)
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Class: BAE 10
16th January 2013


EXECUTIVE SUMMARY 3 1. INTRODUCTION 4 2. QANTAS ETHICAL EVALUATION 5 2.1. Airlines Safety as an Ethical Issue 5 3. QANTAS SHARE PRICE EVALUATION 6 3.1. Share Price Definition 6 3.2. Share Price Behavior 2012 6 3.3. Share Price History 7 4. Recommendation 8 REFERENCES 9


The aim of this report is to evaluate whether Qantas airways is a suitable company for ethical investment. Firstly, Qantas has currently been incurring in an ethical issue, because it has reduced in almost 50 % its staff in order to obtain better profits, however, the flight safety
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Finally, Qantas is currently involved in significant safety problems that have directly affected the client´s decision making. 3. QANTAS SHARE PRICE EVALUATION 4.2. Share Price Definition

The share price and the investment are the methods connected to “neoclassical investment models”, those models study the options that the company has to improve the performance in the future (Andersen, Subbaraman 1996, p. 1). The share price model is to analyze all aspects which cluster information about the future expectations of a company (Andersen, Subbaraman 1996, p. 1). 4.3. Share Price Behavior 2012
In terms of evaluate the Qantas share price, this report has been made on the base of price variances which are illustrated in the below chart. It can be analyzed through to the share market behavior and the period of time.

Chart No.1 (Australian Securities exchange 2013) The graph number 1 present Qantas share price behavior over the past year. On the graph, the Y axis indicates the share price in points and the Y axis represents the period of time in months. The graph shows that, since beginnings of 2012 the QAN (Qantas Airways) share price rose slightly in 1.800 points in March, then in April and May the share price fell slowly in 1.500 points, after in mid-June,

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