Business Plan For A New Store Essay

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This process will take one and six months. Papa John’s over the next three months needs to do research on different areas that they want to start new stores and what store can be remodeled to include dine-in options. They should build five and remodel five. This will allow them to build five ideal stores that they want to eventually use as a floor plan, for all new stores. This will also allow them to gain new stats on existing stores and if their customers like the dine-in option. This will also allow them to gage if there are changes to revenue for their store. They can get feedback from customers and analyze if this has helped those stores increase their customers. After the research is done then five contractors will be hired to use the same blueprints for the five new stores. In regards to the remodeled stores they will be given revised prints. Contractors will be used in the town of each store, in order to give back to the community and build Papa John’s image. The building process will take place for one year and three months. The stores that are operating and are being remodeled will be organized in a manner that they will not be affected in their operations during this time.
The third recommendation is to expand Papa John’s stores internationally. This would include opening franchises in Europe, starting in Italy. Papa John’s strategy is to grow in the amount of stores they have. Currently the top competitors in the pizza industry are international. In order for…

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