Business Organization : A Competitive Environment Essay

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Business organization, whether large or small, function within given settings such as, economic, legal, technological, as well as, competitive environments that generate both positive , as well as, negative influences. These factors are constantly evolving at different rates, thus, they produce fluctuating demands for the products or services offered by the organization. Therefore, according to Tischler, (n.d.), these generally, consists of a macro-environment comprised of elements such as the economic, the technological, the legal aspects, while, the micro-environment revolves around competitive forces.

Hilton Hotels retain a position as one of the global leaders in the hospitality field as a part of the Hilton Worldwide web ten styles of lodging accommodations, as well as maintaining more than six hundred seventy eight that encompasses thousand rooms in four thousand one hundred-fifteen properties, which operates throughout ninety-one various countries and territories within six continents. Moreover, the Hilton further provides accommodations for one hundred twenty-seven guests on an annual basis according to the 2013 Hilton Annual Report (Hilton Hotels and Resorts, 2013.). Subsequently, the Hilton chain offers luxury stays in establishments such as the Waldorf and Conrad, which have an international presence, as well as, upper upscale accommodations such as the Hilton Hotels, Embassy Suites, and the Hilton Grand Vacation. Furthermore, upscale lodging availability is a…

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