Business Office Manager At Cu Psychology Department, And The Situation After The World Of Full Time Employment

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I had a painful and difficult experience with my supervisor when I was the business office manager in the CU Psychology department, and the situation turned out to be a major catalyst for me leaving the world of full-time employment. The scenario was that two employees I supervised arrived to work at their normal time, on a day that CU had a 2-hour delayed start due to weather. They were safe and I did not feel their choices required immediate attention, nor was I aware of a policy regarding such a situation, so I let them both know we would touch base the following day, as I was not in the office that day. However, my supervisor was extremely displeased with their choices, and decided to have a meeting with them, in spite of my request for her to wait until I was back in the office. The meeting unfortunately did not go well, from all perspectives, leaving the two employees feeling very upset and threatened. They were told they would most likely be written up, and that HR would decide how to handle the issue. For brevity sake, it was ultimately deemed that the employees did nothing wrong, not only per the applicable CU HR policy, but also per the department chair and myself. Yet, the damage was already done, and one of the employees accepted another job on campus. My situation was that prior to this incident, I had already decided to return to college, but there were plans for me to work-part-time for Psychology. However, I resigned earlier than planned, and opted…

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